1. What do I do when the website is down?
Contact us on this number +2348100571775 or email us at theregistryng@gmail.com

2. What do I do when my server isn't connecting?
Change your server connection/provider.

3. What do I do when I'm unable to Register through the website?
Please click on this -> link <-

4. What is a Billing Address?
A Billing Address is the address attached to your card.

5. How do I change a wrong shipping address on an order?
Contact this number +2348100571775 or email address; theregistryng@gmail.com with your complaint.

6. What's the difference between contribution and add to cart?
Contribution is when you request to pay in part while adding to cart is a list of items you have selected to make payment, which can be made whenever you are ready.

7. How do I know who buys items from my Wishlist?
A mail will be sent to you with the information of the individual who buys items from your Wishlist. Also, an Admin Panel Link will be sent to you showing you full details of the transaction that takes place on your Wishlist.

8. How do I pay for items on my Couple's Wishlist?
Ensure the item is from the Couple's Wishlist link when buying. Add item to cart and click on Check-out

9. How do I contact you?
Contact this number: +2348100571775 or email address: www.theregistryng.com.