Olayemi & Oludolapo

Olayemi’s love Story

I met Dolapo through a mutual friend in 2015. He tried being friends with me at the time, but I totally did not budge, I don’t know why though.

It was definitely not the usual love story, neither was it love at first sight, it was just a blossoming, slow and steady move till we became so fond of each other. I don’t even remember if he asked me to be his girlfriend, it was that sort of relationship that sprung up without the formalities.

Our courtship went by smoothly till December 12, 2017 when Dolapo asked me to be his wife. It was so romantic and I got all teary as I wouldn’t have asked for anyone else to begin this journey with. At that moment, I knew God had blessed me with the best gift all year as Dolapo is such a calm, loving and adorable man.

Alhamdulillah for this journey so far and I pray almighty Allah continues to bless us, make us friends and keep the loving sensation between us stronger.  

Dolapo’s love story

Taibat Olayemi Oluwole, Alhamdulillah for this journey. My journey with you started before you realized it. I had set my mind to it with my intentions before Allah.

When I think about it over again, it did happen fast but in stages. You never gave in to my sweet words and cajoling, although I knew I was doing a great job.

I always saw the sparkle in your eyes, as I saw the signs from above. I am happy we made the choice to spend the rest of our lives together as I am positive it would be worth it all the days of our lives, In Sha Allah.

You would continue to be my friend, my lover, my confidant and my growth partner as we would develop each other and conquer all things together.

-Date:: 1st of September, 2018