Terms and Conditions

        1. Registration is free for any of our Gift Registry (Wedding, Baby, Birthday). 

        2. We offer free delivery services within Lagos. Couples/celebrants outside Lagos are given the option to monetize. Which is to get the cash equivalent of the gift, or pay for their delivery. 

        3. After registering, a default wishlist will be created for you. From this list you can let us know the items you want on your wishlist. We will update the wishlist for you. 

        4. Your wishlist will be updated every time an item is purchased to avoid duplicates. 

        5. Your wishlist will close two (2) weeks after your wedding, birthday and baby arrival date. 

        6. Two (2) weeks after your wishlist closes delivery will be made to the address you registered with. You will be notified before time. If your address changes, kindly notify us.

        7. Bespoke or personalized gifts can not be cancelled or returned.

        8. If you choose to monetize your items, we charge 20% of the total amount of items gotten from your wishlist. This also applies to any cash gifts gotten from your wishlist, such as; Honeymoon, Personal & Charity Fund. 

        9. You can't monetize some gifts and get some gifts. You either monetize or you get physical gifts and add a fund package. 

        10. If you decide to request for the delivery of one item from your wishlist ahead of your delivery date, you will pay for the delivery.