Anti-fog Swimming Goggles, Cap, Ear Plug, Nose Clip

Anti-fog Swimming Goggles, Cap, Ear Plug, Nose Clip

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SWIMMING GOGGLES - You will be able to enjoy your swimming.

ANTI FOG WATERPROOF & UV PROTECTION - The inner surfaces of the Swim Goggles lenses are anti-fog coated to prevent fogging. You will have a clear and wide sight underwater. The outer surfaces of the lenses are carefully coated with ultraviolet-proof material, effectively protect your eyes from being hurt by bright sunlight, especially when you swim in the open air.

NO LEAKING, FLEXIBLE & COMFORTABLE - swim goggles have a double-deck seal design and flexible silicone gasket frame construction to ensure a leak-proof seal. 3D ergonomic design fits your eye socket. Its well-designed buckle makes it easy to put on and take off swimming goggles.

The nose clip and earplugs not only protect your nasal cavities and eardrum, but also improves your swimming performance.